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Welcome to the official blog of cocoabeens communications. As we thought, struggled and racked our brains about what to say in our first post, I looked to one member of our crew who was beating the heat by assembling gifts. Then, it hit me. Everyone loves presents. But more on those presents later.

Like a lot of people, I love giving and receiving presents. But what really gets me excited is NOT having to wrap them. This is why I am a devoted fan of stores and online retailers who offer free gift-wrapping services. Oh, how I love these establishments – with their fancy boxes, shredded confetti or tissue paper, ribbons and bows. Gifts seem even grander once experts doll them all up.

All I have to do is click a box or ask, “Do you offer free gift wrapping?” The results can be quite lovely. I would have given Rowan Atkinson’s gift wrapper all the time he needed in this scene from “Love Actually.” Isn’t he a hoot?

For the eco-friendly folks who are concerned about paper overuse or waste, hold on. Here are two reasons why I love free gift-wrap.

Rainy day treat. In my living room on a sideboard there’s a flat white box wrapped in bright orange and hot pink ribbon. Because it’s been there for about three years, many of the visitors to our house ask about the box – wondering why it hasn’t been opened. Several years ago, I bought a brightly colored serving piece from a cute little boutique in Collierville. The store offered gift wrapping services, so I asked them to wrap the tray. I loved the piece, and figured that it would make a wonderful present for someone. But really, I knew that the “someone” was me before I even left the store.

When I got home, I decided that I’d wait a few days to open my gift. A few days turned into a few weeks and those into months. Now it’s been almost four years. I know that there will be a day when I want or need to open a present. The funny thing is, the store where I purchased the present isn’t open anymore. But my treat is still wrapped and waiting.

Re-gifting boxes is green. So when I say I don’t like to wrap, I mean it. But why let a good box and packaging go to waste? A “green” reason I get items wrapped for myself – which I do often – is that I end up with terrific containers in which I can give presents. All I have to add on a pretty piece of ribbon is a cute card and a smile. One of my favorite places to have gifts wrapped is Origins. The green boxes and matching ribbons are super-sturdy and super-reusable. What about you guys? What gift boxes do you like enough to keep or re-purpose?

So back to the gifts that our crew is assembling. We are sending some peace and chocolate to folks who carved out time from hectic schedules to shoot videos last week. Of course, our gifts are packaged in my favorite repurposed green boxes – filling and all.

We pack a dish, sand, pebbles and rake in our favorite gift box.

We save and reuse all of the original packing materials; it’s frugal and fabulous!
When put together, the gift is a rock garden – with a rake and sand.

Gifts come in all shapes and sizes, as will our blog posts. But before I finish, tell me about your favorite gift – one that you gave or one that you received. And what about gift-wrapping? Do you have tricks and tips to share? Where are your favorite places to have presents wrapped for free? What do you do with your boxes? I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

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