This week has been one of trial and error—setting up printers, messing up the wireless, at cocoabeens, balancing time between school, work and a social life. I’m the type of person who likes for things to be organized and as close to perfect as possible. When life is chaotic, my brain tends to be all smashed up—like creamed potatoes.

Last Thursday, I planned to leave work around six, go home to watch my Bulldogs play football (let’s not talk about that right now) and get a head start on a presentation for one of my grad school classes. That did not happen. Feeling technologically savvy, I decided to set up a humongous printer at the office. I mean it is humongous, and I still don’t exactly know how I managed to get it out of the box. Things were going as planned. The power was on. The time was set. The wireless connected. Yes, I felt like I accomplished a major feat all by myself.

Well, not exactly.

Somewhere in the middle of setting up the wireless connection, I caused our Internet connection to become janky. For those of you who don’t speak “janky,” that means that we lost our connection to the world wide web. No big deal, I thought. I’ll just call IT Support and get the password.


For approximately two hours, I sat on the floor with my friends, Mr. Router, Mrs. Mac and Mr. HP trying to solve the problem. About the time my legs decided to fall asleep, a superhero walked in with three great sidekicks.

Ok, it wasn’t Gladys Knight and the Pips, but I thought you might enjoy an intermission to sing along to a great song!

The superhero solved the problem within 20 or so minutes and his sidekicks made me smile! I definitely could not ask for more.

The moral of this story is that life can’t always be organized and almost perfect. Sometimes you just have to go with the flow and be willing to ask for help.

Please know that I do highly recommend organization. Here are a few tips that we use at cocoabeens that might help you in your personal or professional life.

1.Google Calendar – The ability to manage multiple calendars is lovely.

2. Chalkboards – Going old school is pretty tubular, right?

3. Google Docs – It’s just like Microsoft Office, but you can share docs.

4. A Notebook – Use a pen (preferably blue ink)

5. Talk – Meeting with your team is the best way to be productive.

How do you avoid chaos?

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