Barbecue > Twitter?

This week, I read a Fast Company article that discussed the fact that Millennials are obsessed, and I mean obsessed, with technology – social media, smart phones, Macs, PC’s, etc. In fact, the study used in the article, Cisco’s Connected World Technology Report, states that the many of us (I’m a Millennial) prefer connection to technology over a larger paycheck—40 percent of college students and 45 percent of young professionals. I mean, really?

Here are a few more facts from the study:

  1. Mobile devices are number one. We value these more than any other technology.
  2. The computer ranks up there with food, water, oxygen (you know, those things Maslow says we need).
  3. 40 percent of college students choose the Internet over going on dates. Again, I ask, really??

To read the full report, click here. It’s quite interesting, if I do say so my [nerdy] self.

Ok, confession. I am VERY dependent on technology. For goodness sakes, I have had many interesting and informative conversations using Twitter lately. (There’s a lot that can be revealed in 140 characters or less).

However, I would not choose technology over more money, a social life and food. Those things are important. I mean you tell me. Would you rather Tweet than eat Memphis barbecue? Or, maybe you would like to Tweet while eating Memphis barbecue. I digress…

(As a legit Millennial, I thought it was only fitting to put the hit song from the Backstreet Boys Millennium CD in the blog. Who doesn’t love boy bands? Don’t answer that.)


Where do I stand on the issue of technology taking over the lives of Millennials everywhere? Honestly, I think it’s pretty important to engage in conversation through social media. But there comes a time when a transition must be made to face-to-face communication, or even an old-fashioned phone call. Let me point out, though, that I’m speaking to myself here. I Tweet entirely too much, and I have my iPhone beside me at all times.

Wow! I need to work on this. Maybe, I should make some phone calls to make up for my ever expanding Tweet list.

What about you? How many times do you check Facebook per day? Do you absolutely love getting @ replies on Twitter? Or, are you part of the few who still dial numbers, eat a meal without checking your phone and prefer dating over Tweeting?

Spilling the,


Courtney Meeks is the Project Manager/Tactical Fireball at cocoabeens communications. You can follower her on Twitter (@courtneymeeks) and connect with her on LinkedIn.

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