10 Things We Could Not Live Without

I’m introducing a not-so-new concept to the cocoabeens blog: lists. Seriously, I make them daily and I find them to be most helpful in any decision-making or organization process. This list, however, is simply for fun.

10 Things cocoabeens Couldn’t Live Without [at the office]:

1. Lamps

(image source: ikea.com)

We appreciate that fluorescent lights are supposed to be energy efficient. We don’t appreciate their flickering, on again-off/off-again nature. We loathe their garish “color” and the maddening buzzzz sound they emit. So we go old-school, spending a few minutes each morning clicking lights on and work by lamp and sunlight daily.

2. Music (Pandora, Spotify & iTunes)

Beena prefers Pandora and has a current obsession with all of the Twilight soundtracks. I, on the other hand, adore Spotify and listen to Gotye and JT (aka Justin Timberlake) constantly. You probably don’t even want to know what all of those songs sound like in one space.

3. The Associated Press Stylebook

For PR folks, this book is super handy. I actually can’t count the times I’ve turned to p. 56 to check on the proper way to use “city.” Is it “City” of Memphis or “city” of Memphis? In case you are wondering, it is “city” of Memphis.

4. Diet Dr. Pepper & water (but not together), Sprite & Tea (together)

I’m addicted to Diet Dr. Pepper and consider it to be my coffee. It would be quite difficult for me to design, write and communicate without at least three a day. I tried to be more balanced and drink one bottled water for every can of Diet Dr. Pepper, but it’s still a work in progress. Beena drinks a cocktail of equal parts iced tea and Sprite. She calls it fizzy tea and is certain that she’s on the cusp of a drink movement. I call it weird.

5. Photos


There’s nothing better than being able to glance at photos of family and friends for a reminder of the love felt at home. I’m not trying to be sappy, but family and friends are a large part of our happiness. They inspire us, and we adore their support and love.

6. A Fan

It can get hot in this office. I bought Beena this tiny red fan last summer, and let me tell you, it has gotten her through many HOT days (even in the winter).

7. Storage

(My filing cabinet also doubles as a decorative catch-all)

Managing multiple accounts and projects requires ample organization skills. We have our own method, but each of us relies on binders, folders, shelving and cabinets. Humm, I probably need to reorganize and file (after this blog is finished).

8. Chocolate

(image source: Stirring the Pot)

You didn’t think I would make a list without including chocolate, did you? We aren’t chocoholics, but we like to have it on hand…just in case. Beena is in love with Hershey’s Cookies ‘n’ Cream drops right now, and I constantly crave chocolate chip cookie dough. If you ask nicely, we might tell you where our stash is.

9. Paper & pens

I know computers are dabomb.com, but pens and paper are still important. At cocoabeens, we prefer unlined paper and colorful pens. I bought some black pens a few weeks ago, and I’m pretty sure Beena’s eyes almost popped out of her head.

10. Laughter

Our motto is “Have fun and get things done.” There are always opportunities to laugh inside our office. We’re quirky, and many times, we get the biggest laughs at ourselves. Life and work would be boring if laughter wasn’t included.

Spilling the,


Courtney Meeks is the Project Manager/Tactical Fireball at cocoabeens communications. You can follow her on Twitter (@courtneymeeks) and connect with her on LinkedIn.

Beena White is the Owner/Identity Mastermind at cocoabeens communications. You can follow her on Twitter (@beenawhite) and connect with her on LinkedIn.

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